TeamViewer 8 Beta 8.0.15959.0

Keep track of all of your clients including their bills and key contacts

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    Networking software

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    Beta 8.0.15959.0

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 98

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Teamviewer 8 Beta is a free and easy-to-use program for remotely controlling a PC desktop. Have you ever wanted an easy solution for taking remote control of another computer over the internet? Previous solutions often required complex setup and configuration on both the client and server side, sending complex instructions to clients to allow you to view their desktop, and leaving certain internet ports open to attack from hackers by default. Teamviewer provides a cleaner, easier, and safer solution to the problem of remote management.

Any client can easily install this application without enduring a complex setup, and they can share the one-time user ID and password with you to allow you to take control of their desktop for problem-solving and troubleshooting. When the program window is closed, the internet port is closed, and when the program is opened, the port is opened and a new password is generated. This allows for maximum security with typically closed ports and new, machine-generated passwords for each session.

This latest version provides many new features which will benefit system administrators, including user grouping, recording remote sessions, streaming even media and videos from the client desktop, file sharing within remote sessions, improved remote printing, and an improved user management console which can be shared between multiple administrators. Now a remote session can be transferred from one admin to another with ease. This version also includes improved touch support so Teamviewer can be used more effectively on the Microsoft Surface or Android tablets. New touch gestures supported in Teamviewer 8 Beta include drag for drag and drop, tap and hold for right-click, two-finger drag to scroll, pinch to zoom, three-finger swipe to move an area, and the use of native Windows 8 gestures. Imagine controlling any desktop from the ease of your tablet!

On the client side, Teamviewer is verbose about when the desktop is being shared and what exactly is being shared, clearly indicating if the session is just video, or if the webcam or microphone is also being shared. Clients can disable any of these from being shared at any time and can terminate a remote session quickly and easily by exiting out of the program window. This allows for improved security and client ease of mind. On the administration side, Teamviewer provides quite a bit of flexibility in controlling remote session variables, including optimizing for speed, controlling remote microphone volume, setting various levels of remote access on a sliding scale, viewing remote file directory, viewing online users, user chat, and controlling sessions from a web interface.

Teamviewer provides a robust remote access solution for all users, from the system admin with the most specific needs of the remote client with the weakest technical expertise.


  • Improved security: closes internet ports when the program window is closed.
  • Machine-generated secure passwords which change with each session.
  • Simple installation and setup.
  • Improved touch controls for Surface and Android tablets.
  • The newest version allows easy administration through user grouping.
  • The newest version allows transfer of files within remote control session.


  • The beta version is still working out some stability bugs.
  • Quality and functionality of the session will vary based on connection quality.

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